We are well experienced in managing the latest Insulin pump technology from companies like Medtronic ®, Tandem ® and Omnipod ®

Continuous Glucose Monitor

We will prescribe ‘continuous glucose monitors’ like Libre ®, Dexcom ®, Guardian connect ® to analyze your glucose levels in more detail so that your overall Diabetes control is in the target range.
For your convenience we can do  in office Diabetic screening eye exams using our Topcon machine without the need to dilate your eyes

Evidence Based Medicine

 Our approach is to offer therapies which have shown evidence to be useful in large clinical trials and are included in ‘guidelines’ by leading professional organizations.

Acute Symptoms

We offer urgent appointments if there are acute health situations.
You can rely on us to treat all of your chronic care needs such as hypertension, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, thyroid and parathyroid disorders.
We have the latest lab equipment and an expert Phlebotomist to get you accurate results. Feel free to make an appointment.

Prolia Injections

Prolia®  is a medication to treat Osteoporosis. It is given as a simple subcutaneous injection every 6 months. We provide in office injections.
Our experienced Physicians do in office Thyroid nodule biopsies under Ultrasound guidance using the smallest needle possible.
Our Physicians and certified Ultrasound technician are well qualified and experienced to scan your Endocrine organs for any abnormalities.
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