Pump Download Info

  • Click on CLARITY app
  • Click bottom right on Profile
  • Click Authorize sharing
  • Click Generate a code- click 12 months
  • Send us the 12 letter code
  • Log in to www.libreview.com
  • Navigate to account settings from the right navigation menu
  • From the account settings page click on my practices tab
  • Input our practice ID: 14345697 and click add 
  • Sign into the CareLink website CareLink.MiniMed.com
  • Download CareLink uploader installer
  • Plug in CareLink USB or meter into your computer
  • Log in to the CareLink website and click upload device 
  • Go to my.glooko.com and log in 
  • Go to the top left and click on the down narrow near your initials
  • Click on settings
  • Scroll down to apps & devices
  • Connect PDM to the computer using the appropriate cable
  • Once PDM is connected to the computer click on upload Omnipod PDM and agree to share info
  • Then click upload
  • Click into internal storage folder then choose Omnipod file (IBF) then click
  • Your data should then upload 
  • Sign into the T connect.tandemdiabetes.com 
  • Download the T connector uploader
  • Connect your pump to your computer
  • Click the start upload button
  • Now that you have a T connect account you can download the T connect mobile app