US - Liver, Carotid, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Renal

Ultrasound Liver

Fatty liver can be a risk factor for Liver Cirrhosis. An Imaging study would help identify the damage done to the liver so that appropriate treatment protocols can be followed to prevent the progression of this potentially fatal disease.

Ultrasound Carotid

Diabetes and high cholesterol are risk factors for developing blockages in the blood vessels of the heart as well as the carotid arteries that supply circulation to the brain. Evaluating for blockages in the Carotid is easily done using Carotid Duplex Ultrasound. This helps the provider and the patient to work together on management protocols that help in reducing the blockages.

Ultrasound Thyroid

The incidence of thyroid cancer is increasing in the American population. However, Thyroid cancer can be easily removed by surgery. At our center—- we follow the American Thyroid Association guidelines on when to do biopsy thyroid nodules and how to manage thyroid cancer.

Ultrasound Parathyroid

Parathyroid glands are 4 small pea-sized glands that are located behind the thyroid gland. The parathyroid glands are responsible for maintaining the calcium levels in the blood. When these glands get enlarged they absorb more calcium in the body which may damage your organs and sometimes cause thinning of the bones. Our providers are highly skilled in identifying the enlarged parathyroid glands.

Ultrasound of the Legs

Ultrasound of the Legs. Diabetes and high cholesterol can affect circulation in the legs. Our certified ultrasound technician can evaluate the circulation in your legs which will help treatment of leg pain or neuropathy.

Ultrasound of the Kidneys

Ultrasound of the Kidneys. People with kidney ailments must undergo kidney ultrasound to detect any disorder at an early stage to prevent developing any major damage to the kidneys. Kidney problems or uncontrolled blood pressure can have their kidneys scanned to look for potentially treatable causes.