Disease Management

1.Diabetes Mellitus
Millions of people all over the world suffer from Diabetes Mellitus which is a disorder causing excess blood sugar in the body. If the blood sugar levels are not controlled, then it can lead to damage to vital organs such as the eyes, kidneys, nerves and the heart. Our healthcare providers consider your lifestyle and other factors in recommending the latest and most practical management options to help prevent these issues.

2.Thyroid Disorders
Besides Diabetes, thyroid disorders are one of the most common hormonal disorders in our communities. Both underactive and overactive thyroid can cause various symptoms like fatigue, weight issues, problems with skin, hair and nails and improper metabolism. We will focus on your lifestyle and relevant suitable pharmacological approaches to treat these issues.
Some people may have thyroid nodules which are lumps inside your thyroid, some of which could be cancerous. We provide thyroid ultrasound and biopsies services to evaluate these conditions.

3.Testosterone and Female Hormonal Issues
Both men and women can suffer from sex hormonal issues like low testosterone, low estrogen, irregular cycles from polycystic ovarian syndrome, infertility and other hormonal issues. Our scientific approach tries to find the root cause of these issues so that we can use the most appropriate treatment for symptomatic relief.

4.Adrenal Issues
Adrenals are small glands above the kidney which produce very important hormones for our body. Improper functioning of these glands can lead to a variety of symptoms like weight issues, fatigue, unusual hair symptoms and blood pressure issues. Proper and scientific evaluation and treatment is essential for long-term health.

Obesity is a big problem in America. The above mentioned issues can be a big factor in causing weight problems. Our goal is to do a scientific evaluation and follow the latest treatment protocols incorporating lifestyle and wellness which are essential for your good health in the long run.

6.Calcium Disorders
Some patients may develop calcium and parathyroid disorders which can lead to kidney stones, reduced kidney function, fatigue and osteoporosis. A thorough evaluation is needed so that appropriate treatment is followed.

Osteoporosis can be debilitating making one more cause for fracture. Our goal is to be aggressive with fracture reduction using the latest medicines and following the latest scientific guidelines.